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Together with our content partners Hot Lost Paradise strives to offer a vast and varied catalogue of high-quality entertainment content across different content types. We source from internationally renowned content owners & publishers and feature content from leading Hollywood actors and world-famous authors

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Unlimited access for a fixed price per month.


HTML-based platform for any browser, DRM secured

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Fully regional licensed content

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Games are available as add-ons for a fixed price per month, (14-day trial)


Hot Lost Paradise creates innovative and meaningful online experiences for a casual audience. We use our marketing experience and strategic partnerships to advertise the services to a relevant audience. We build easy-to-use services, offering only content from premium partners in an easy-to-access format.

Serving the European market

Together with our content partners, we strive to offer a vast and varied catalogue of high-quality entertainment content across different content types. We source from internationally renowned content owners & publishers and feature content from leading Hollywood actors and world-famous authors. Currently, France, Spain, Belgium, the UK and Germany are the top processing countries of Northwick Lane Limited.

Target Audience

Our mission

Provide customers worldwide with digital entertaining products where and when they want for a fixed price per month.

Adults 18+
All genders
Family/ non-family households


Best value for money

Subscribers get unlimited access to the complete entertainment catalogue for one single price. Our content is curated with care and has a high retail value. Similar services offered by competitors are priced higher for just a single content category or a lower-quality catalogue

Gradual growth

Gradual growth by testing and optimizing different acquisition channels

More acquisition channels will be added

Acquisition channels

Focus markets: France, Spain, Belgium, the UK and Germany and more coming.

Focus markets



12 months forecast for with a average transaction value of S39,99 and S4,95



The budget for acquisition will be increased to attract more users Once the acquisition model have been proven profitable


$ 14.460

$ 14.460



$ 16.870


$ 16.870


$ 19.280


$ 19.280

$ 21.690

$ 21.690

$ 24.100

$ 24.100

$ 28.920

$ 28.920







Marketing Strategy

Northwick works with traffic partners through a commission-based model with strict IO and publisher terms for all publishers and media partners. We have an in-house Business Intelligence and analytics team that uses insights from all relevant KPIs such as churn rates and profitability indices to optimize our marketing model. By investing in good-performing traffic channels and reducing our focus on low-performance channels, we maximize results. Each service will be launched through a selection of invited publishers and media partners with whom we have a long-term relationship. This limited launch will allow us to gather valuable feedback to further improve our monetization model and add more acquisition channels.

  • Facebook and Google advertising
  • Targeting Mobile, Tablet, PC and Mac
  • Try before you buy: free trials for new subscribers
  • Customer service is available via email and live agents (available during business hours)
  • Tracking of traffic per region
  • Maximize display via different advertising channels
  • Constantly optimize the marketing model to maximize the campaign results
  • How will this help solve the customer's issues in the future
  • Anti-Fraud solutions to prevent fraud
  • 3D-Secure authentication for elevated risk scores
  • Business rules, blacklists and actively monitoring every transaction
  • Our services can be used without app installation

Marketing Channels

Risk Management & Fraud Prevention


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Content libraries: Movies

Wide range of quality movies

318 Movie titles

We offer 318+ movies across diverse genres and curate our international movie catalogue carefully

We have licened movies from recognized actors and producers to ensure great value for our customers.

Licensed Movies

Our titles range from $9.99 to $29.99 on other retail channels

List prices


Content libraries: Audiobooks & E-books

Listen to the best Audiobooks & Ebooks

Our Titles

We offer a selection of popular book titles in audiobook and ebook format, covering a wide range of topics with over 19,000 titles available in our library.

With our enormous catalogue we are assured that our customers will have access to a service with a great value for money.

Value for money

We will refresh the library periodically with new titles to make sure that our subscribers can enjoy fresh new content and get the opportunity to discover other titles.

Periodic updates


Content libraries: Games

The best games for hours of fun

Our Titles

At the moment we offer over 70 high quality HTML5 browser games. Our library covers popular game genres like action, puzzle games, match 3, arcade, cooking games and ... many more.

Content providers & mobile carriers promote similar and competing services on mobile carrier billing for up to $7,50 per week.

Value for money

The majority of our games is HTML5 based. This means that the games are compatible with any modern browser and are accessible anywhere. No installs or special hardware is required.

Browser compatible


Content libraries: Music

Play music wherever you go

Listen to any genre

We offer a extensive library of curated music playlists, allowing our customers to listen to any genre they desire, ranging from classical music to the latest charts.The playlists are also updated regularly to ensure our customers keep enjoying fresh content.


Content libraries: Sports

The best sports videos and highlights in one place

Your favorite sports

Hot lost paradise offers a wide range of sports videos, match highlights and documentaries covering multiple worldwide championships and leagues. Our customers are also able to follow live matches and events via our live trackers. The videos are updated regularly as new matches or events take place to allow our subscribers to keep following their favorite sports.


Content libraries: Software

Premium software and the best selected apps

The best solutions for each situation

Subscribers have access to high-quality premium software on our portal. Use licenses for these software usually range from $10 to $100. Offering them as part of our catalogue ensures great value for money to our customers.



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